PRize Pool

$ 123,000 USD


  17 December - 24 December 2022

The Top 32 from qualifiers will progress to Open Finals

  28, 29 , 30 December 2022

Open Finals are played over 3 days and 16 matches. Top 16 teams will advance into Mobile Challenge!

  05 January - 15 January 2023

The top 16 teams from Open Finals together with 16 directly invited teams will face each other. After 8 match days spanning two weeks the top 24 teams will advance to Challenge Finals!

   26 January - 29 January 2023

The best 24 teams from Mobile Challenger will battle it out for their share of the prize pool as well as a chance to be crowned tournament MVP! 

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The Snapdragon Pro Series is the fastest growing mobile esports platform in the world. Players have the unique opportunity to compete against others in their region across several of the hottest game titles. The program consists of three competitive tiers, allowing players of all skill levels to compete and win.
Please check the rules for when roster changes are permitted.

All directly invited teams will be informed before the conclusion of the Qualifier.